Reign XT is excited to offer Yoga classes.

Yoga by Krystal is written and taught by Krystal, the owner of The ADM Studio. These classes help improve flexibility, balance and mindfulness. They also boost your mood while decreasing anxiety and stress. Something we can all use during these stressful times.

Alt Yoga is written and taught by Marissa Ebert, the owner of Alt Yoga. Marissa will be offering Power Yoga. Power Yoga is a fitness-based style of yoga mixed with a vinyasa flow. You will still enhance your flexibility, but also continue to build upon your strength with an energizing workout. You’ll leave feeling incredible!

*These classes are offered on a pay per class basis and are currently not included in any Reign XT packages. Depending on class enrollment, additional times may be offered.

Note: Please make sure you book your session in advance to guarantee a spot. Cancellation fees of $10.00 will be assessed if you don’t cancel within our window.

Available for members and non-members!


per class

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