About Reign XT

Nunc Coepi is a Latin Phrase that means “Now I begin” and this is the phrase that you will often hear at Reign. Reign XT is not only a gym and fitness center, but a tribe of men and women coming together to create a culture of our four pillars:  

  • Pride is showing our clients the value of oneself and all that you are and will be in the future. Take pride in yourself. Take pride in your gym. Protect and build this house!
  • Action is an important pillar that we at Reign take seriously.  It is crucial that all of our clients continuously take concrete steps towards progress. Without Action you cannot begin
  • Commitment will be crucial for our clients and trainers to work with each other daily. We pledge to always give you the very best trainers and coaches and to create the right culture to constantly stay Committed to your goals.
  • Community. This is our largest and most important pillar. As we grow our business we will also grow our community inside and outside the gym. Reign’s dedication to the community will be essential for us to be able to share our message of health and wellness.

My wife and I would love to welcome you into the Reign XT family and we promise to always stay true  to our four pillars. We have over twenty-years experience in the fitness industry as gym owners as well as providing coaching, nutrition, and personal training. We will always be there for you during the good times and the bad times, but its up to you to begin that process. Beginning is everything.